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B.O.S.S. Dark Mint Chocolates 25pcs 250mg CBD


  • Great tasting chocolate infused with the benefits of CBD
  • Choose from three delicious flavors: Milk Chocolate, Salted Caramel and Dark Mint Chocolate
  • Each piece contains a total of 10 mg of CBD.
  • Conveniently packaged for your enjoyment!

If you’ve ever felt stressed or unhappy, chances are you’ve reached for comfort food in a bid to boost your mood. A combination of familiarity and fatty acids can actually make you feel better, which is why so many of us experience a lift after snacking on some chocolate.

Our B.O.S.S. Farms Chocolate is a comfort superfood. Each piece boasts all the flavor of chocolate, but with a concentration of CBD to help reduce stress, anxiety and soothe pain.

And the best bit? B.O.S.S. Farms Chocolate is one of the tastiest edible CBD products on the market today. Handcrafted with a premium mix of natural and organic ingredients, experiencing the calming effects of CBD has never been so delicious.

This therapeutic CBD Chocolate is a discreet and convenient way to enjoy CBD. B.O.S.S. Farms CBD Chocolate is full of flavor and CBD concentration.

It’s the ideal product for newcomers to the world of CBD. Everyone is familiar with how to eat chocolate, and unlike many other hemp oil products, there’s no hempy, earthy taste. It’s just delicious, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate, delivering soothing CBD with each bite.

How to Use B.O.S.S. Farms Chocolate

To use the CBD Chocolate, simply pop a piece into your mouth like you would any other piece of candy.

Store the chocolate in a cool, dry place and keep it away from sunlight, heat and humidity. If the chocolates do melt, they're still completely fine to eat, but it will always be more enjoyable as a solid and consistent piece.



Sugar, Partially Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil, Cocoa Powder Processed With Alkali, Soy Lecithin (an emulsifier), 100% Pure Isolate CBD, Salt, Natural Flavor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does B.O.S.S. Farms Chocolate get you high?

No. B.O.S.S. Farms contains NO THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid responsible for the “high” associated with cannabis. Instead, B.O.S.S. Farms chocolate contains cannabidiol (CBD) — a cannabinoid with a reputation for soothing pain and reducing stress/anxiety.

How much B.O.S.S. Farms Chocolate should I eat?

CBD chocolate is quite often prepared in segments, each containing a specific CBD serving size. We recommend starting with 1-3 pieces and observing the effects. If you feel like you’d benefit from more CBD, simply increase your serving size until you reach a level that works for you.



During the summer months, we do our best to package with thermal bags and an ice pack to ensure your Boss product arrives in its best condition, but we cannot guarantee the chocolates may still not melt in high heat. Please be advised that given our efforts and cost to ship with such precaution, we won’t be able to issue a refund if your chocolates do come melted due to weather or the shipping companies delay. We do the best we can for our boss family so we hope you understand and continue to support.