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I Love Lucy : Wax Melts

Talk a walk with us and fall in love with Lucy: 

Imagine yourself surrounded by wild, beautiful flowers and forest as far as the eye can see. The lucent sun rays warming your skin as the dew from atop the forest canopy falls on the freshly bloomed flowers below. Enchanting clouds of soft peony, cuts of fresh rose and uplifting remnants of sandalwood capture your senses and fill the air of Lucy's hand poured soy blend candle. Clean-burning wooden wicks soft crackle calms the nerves and the soft glow lights the iridescent vessel that gleams different color ways on any surface it sits on. An Absolute beauty just like Lucy who this candle was made to support as she faces 4 cancers and chemo yet remains strong and beautiful every day. Your purchase helps Lucy to keep living and being a beacon of hope for all that need it. Light this candle for Lucy or anyone with illness that need hope. Let it be a beacon for anything you need a little extra faith to overcome. Always hand crafted and made eco-friendly with the care of our world in mind.

2.7 oz / 79 mL

18+ Hour burn time

I Love Lucy : Wax Melts
I Love Lucy : Wax Melts