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Trail Of Souls Plaque **PRE-ORDER**



Welcome to the Trail of Souls. A physical, walkable trail on B.O.S.S. Farms property that will be dedicated to the memories of loved dogs and animals we’ve lost along the way at but also a way for you to support the mission by sponsoring your own Trail of Souls Plaque and tree.

Each plaque sponsorship comes with your very own tree along the trail. This tree has been put in a covenant with B.O.S.S. Farms as a commitment that this tree will never be cut down for use. The tree and plaque will forever remain as long as they stand. Don’t worry, if the tree ever falls of natural causes, your plaque will be placed with a new tree. These trees selected along the trail of souls have already been around for decades and stand to be around for many decades more.

Each plaque shown is a prototype, the finished plaques will be hand finished, epoxy coated and framed to withstand the elements.

Your plaque and tree will come with coordinates so you can see exactly where your tree sits on the B.O.S.S. Farms ‘Trail of Souls’. You will also get a custom map showing the trail on the property that will have QR codes to scan and see the stories of our past animals at B.O.S.S. Farms. This map will be updated every year and sent to all Tree Holders.

Since the plaques are hand made at B.O.S.S. Farms, you’ll never have to worry about your plaque being damaged or not being able to be replaced if something happens to it.

The Trails of Souls Plaques are a beautiful and meaningful way to pay tribute to loved ones (Furry or Human) who have passed away or to show your support for animal rescue at the Sanctuary and be part of Building the new Amazing Property to rescue many more.

Order yours today and join us in creating a lasting legacy of love and compassion.

Exclusive/Early Access to B.O.S.S. Farms

We appreciate every single sponsor of our rescue and want to reflect that in the perks we give along with the purchase of a plaque. In addition to the Trail of Souls plaque, Tree holders will be given early access to walk the trail of souls in Southern Oregon before we are open to the public.  

More Perks:

- Exclusive private facebook group for tree holders to share your stories

- Early access to up and coming B.O.S.S. Farms products (books and plushies for our B.O.S.S. Farms Rescues)

- Map of the Trail of Souls along with coordinates of your plaque/tree location - Optional Solar light for your tree (options will be available on our Amazon wishlist to purchase)  

Premier Sponsors, Small Business and Corporate Sponsorship spots available. Please contact us after purchase at for priority support.

*Note: Please reach out to us via our contact page after ordering to provide your custom message. We will work with you after the purchase to make sure the message is exactly what you want and are happy before placement. Each plaque will be attached to a tree at our Oregon facility.   

Disclaimer: Purchasing a plaque does not grant ownership of said tree or the land on which it is on. Your tree is put into covenant that it will never be cut down on B.O.S.S. Farms. This is considered a sponsorship and support, we respect your wants to make this perfect and we will do all we can to make sure it’s everything you hope it will be.  

*THIS IS A PRE-ORDER* Plaques are estimated to go into the Trail of Souls by late 2024. You will be able to see your plaque as it’s made but it will take time to get its placement. The Trail of Souls will be one of the main parts of our new build, and we would like to take our time building it out from now until the opening date (yet to be determined). Thank you for understanding.

Trail Of Souls Plaque **PRE-ORDER**
Trail Of Souls Plaque **PRE-ORDER**
Trail Of Souls Plaque **PRE-ORDER**
Trail Of Souls Plaque **PRE-ORDER**

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