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Our Mission

B.O.S.S. Farms is built and rooted by being deeply committed to rescuing and providing sanctuary for animals, no matter their size or condition. B.O.S.S. Farms takes in a wide variety of the most concerning cases but has grown to focus primarily on seniors dogs, special needs cases and farm animals. These rescue cases range from severe abuse, medical, neglect, birth defects and more. B.O.S.S. Farms prides itself in taking many cases other rescue facilities simply cannot or will not. B.O.S.S. Farms can proudly look back on many success stories of rescue and provide hope for both our furry friends and everyone watching/following who supports them. So if you are here reading this, Thank You for Supporting this mission to Save More Lives!


At the BF (B.O.S.S. Farms) core, dog rescue is a deep passion. It all started in 2015 with our founder's mission to rescue, rehabilitate and find homes for bully breed dogs. This dedication quickly grew into something far larger, leading to rescuing all dog breeds, no matter their size or past. BF has found forever homes for hundreds of dogs since then and each success story brings this mission closer to achieving the ultimate goal: give every dog a second chance at life. Come explore the powerful journey of rescue by checking out some of our past cases through the images shared below.


Wolf Hybrids

Wolf-hybrids are unique animals which make for unique rescue; they are not full wolves by blood, but often contain too much wolf DNA to be legally owned as a pet (in most states). That's why our new property of 300+ acres is currently underway being built. BF will provide wolf hybrids with the safe sanctuary they need when they've been surrendered or are facing euthanasia. Each case is unique and takes a level of expertise in rescue. BF has saved and been a part of saving many Wolf Hybrids to date, but that's just the start to the journey as the new property is built.


Ever heard someone say they bought a 'Mini Pig'?? Well they lied, there's no such thing!! Which brings us to welcome you to the PIG section of B.O.S.S. Farms Rescue Mission.

An estimated 90% of all pet pigs are surrendered or re-homed before their second birthday. Why?

Ongoing trends in pet ownership make owning "mini pigs" look like a fun and easy option, yet fail to highlight the fact that pigs won't stay mini forever – and require a lot more space and dedication than people think. Here at B.O.S.S Farms, we understand this and welcome any chubby little friends who have been abandoned; we are proud to provide them with a safe haven filled with love and care. We also take on pigs with severe neglect and nurse them back to health, like Peter! When you decide to bring home one of these delightful animals, PLEASE be sure to do your research beforehand so you know what you're getting yourself into! We don't want to see any more surrendered or re-homed pet pigs due to improper preparation for pet ownership. Pigs are very intelligent beings and have feelings just like dogs, so if anything, visit a petting farm to get your fill and love on a pig. Advocate with us to make sure pigs don't go through having to be surrendered or killed any longer. That's the B.O.S.S. Farms Pig Mission, will you join us?? Click here to sponsor a pig 


On of the newest sections of B.O.S.S. Farms is the Horse rescue sector. As always B.O.S.S. Farms welcomes every animal so luckily with Founder, Tye Friis extensive farm background from Iowa, Horse knowledge and rescue set the pace for our first two rescue horses. Say hello to Elle and Johnny Cash.

As the new B.O.S.S. Farms sanctuary is built we will get more into horse rescue but if you'd like to see more about these cases please visit Tye Friis YouTube and get to know these two.

If you enjoy the videos please be sure to like and subscribe. Every like, share and subscribe is a way to support B.O.S.S. Farms because as we grow our YouTube audience, we hope to eventually generate profit for the rescue to do more videos of the rescues and save many more lives in the process!

Donkeys & Goats

At B.O.S.S. Farms we care for a good variety of farm animals but a few of our stars that steal the show... Donkeys: Elvis and Sophie along with our 3 goats: Habanero, Chili and Pepper (Named by spice level rating) These 5 animals were all rescued from a meat farm that was shutting down. People often are surprised to hear that donkeys and goats are used for meat but it's the unfortunate truth. These 5 animals now have sanctuary at B.O.S.S. Farms and give non stop laughs and lovable antics. If you don't already, make sure and follow our instagram to see much more of these animals and their every day life. Click here for Instagram.