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NEW Concentrated CBD Immune System Support Foot Rub Anti-Sick Secret Weapon!

Concentrated Immune System Support Foot Rub : 100 mg CBD

Immune booster for these coming seasons packed with the amazing powers of boswellia carterii, malaleuca alternifolia, eucalyptus radiata, rosemarnius officinalis, cinnamomum zeylanicum and more!

How to use: Apply a small amount to the bottom of each foot and rub it in. Covering with socks is optional. Generally apply to feet at bedtime but when others around are sick we prefer applying morning and night. Also great to use in the mornings before and during potentially stressful events like traveling, holidays/events, big tests or hectic times at work.

This is our secret weapon against the sick seasons so make sure you always have it handy and send to family as well because less sick, equals more fun. Enjoy!

2 oz Aber Glass Jar

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